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Valiant (Modern Tale of Faerie Series #2)

Valiant - Holly Black I had a chance to interview Holly back in November, 2010. I'd always heard she was a great writer and I'm a longtime fan of her writing partner, Cassandra Clare, so I decided to give her a try. I'm so glad I did. Bottom line, Holly is a great writer. She's so dark and her characters are so original. It feels like a treat each time I read one of her books.Valiant was cool because she really gets into dark faerie mythology. You really get a sense of the time she puts into her research. That alone makes this a good read. Also, Holly is a master world builder. You can see, taste, and smell her locations. I've never been homeless or addicted to drugs, but I really feel like she gave me a glimpse into that lifestyle.My only beef with Holly is that I'd like to see more romance in her novels. That's not anything against her - that's just my personal taste. Give me some more lovin Holly! Then, in my eyes, you'd be perfect!You can check out my interview with Holly here: http://www.yafantasyguide.com/author-interviews/holly-black.htm