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The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer Series #2)

The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer Series #2) - This book was reviewed by Michael Cummings, senior reviewer with the Fantasy Book Addict.This was one of my most anticipated books this year. If you’ve enjoyed Weeks’ other works, then you’ll understand why. Even knowing from our interview with Brent this summer that he planned on making the Lightbringer series a tetralogy, you can’t help but start the next book in a series with some trepidation. Will it stand up to past excellence? Will it suffer second book slumps? In other words, is this a coasting book, or will there be actual depth to it?You can read the rest of the review here: http://www.fantasybookaddict.com/2012/10/13/the-blinding-knife-review/