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All Men of Genius

All Men of Genius - Lev A.C. Rosen This review was completed by Amanda Harbin, staff reviewer with the YA Fantasy Guide.When Simon Cowell was on American Idol and a contestant would get up on stage and attempt to belt out a Whitney or a Mariah song they were almost always given the same criticism, if you’re gonna sing a legends song then you better be prepared to sing like a legend. These were my first thoughts when I heard about All Men of Genius An author who takes on the ambitious task of paying tribute to literary icons such as William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde in the same novel while creating something entirely unique, is either a sadist, a genius or a little bit of both. Having never conversed with Mr. Lev Rosen, the author of All Men of Genius I can only assume that he must be a little bit of both. This novel is not for beginners or for anyone looking for a mindless read. This book is meant to be savored slowly over time. The complex layering of fascinating characters, plots, recognition of some of the more subtle Shakespearean and Wilde elements require the reader to allow the story to digest little by little. Don’t be misled into thinking that this is a difficult read, it is not. But it is a treasure chest of imaginative story-telling, the likes of which you won’t want to miss a single morsel.This book is for people who like to sip their tea…after they’ve spiked it with a bit of whiskey! Rosen perfectly marries Shakespeare and Wilde in a sophisticated but edgy voice that still makes the reader feel as if they are reading a piece of classic literature. This was one of the most enjoyable books I have read in quite some time. It was energetic, adventurous and uplifting. The prose and action play out in such a way that the reader often finds themselves visualizing the story as production. This will be especially true for anyone familiar with Oscare Wilde and/or William Shakespeare. You don’t have to be a Shakespeare addict to appreciate this novel. Steampunk fans will be equally engaged in watching each piece of the story fall into perfect place just like the ever moving gears within the walls of Illyria. All Men of Genius gets a standing ovation from this reviewer! Well Done! Bravo!