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Half-Hitched - Isabel Sharpe This one really didn't do it for me. Don't read any further if you don't want ***SPOILERS***.I'm going to summarize what ruined the whole thing for me, but I can't do it without giving away part of the story.Addie is told by her best friend to stay away from Derek. Addie is told Derek tried to force himself on the best friend years before. We do find out it didn't actually happen that way, but come on. Would Addie ever show Derek any interest if she thought he tried to force himself on her best friend? Also, would Derek be invited to a party where the best friend would be there? This whole thing ruined the book for me because it's so completely unrealistic.I'm honestly surprised Harlequin would publish this. Harlequin is one of my favorite publishers especially for contemporary romance. I guess that's why I'm surprised what I mentioned above didn't come up during the editing process.