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Down and Dirty (Dare Me, #2) - Christine  Bell I’m a publicist with Entangled, but Christine Bell is not my client. I’m writing this disclaimer because her book is published by Entangled.I’ve been a pretty active book reviewer for years, but I wanted to make all the above clear before you read my review. Many might say my opinion is swayed because of my affiliation, but I’ll leave that up to you to judge.I usually read all the Brazen books as soon as they come out, so I was a bit surprised when I noticed this was the second book because it meant I missed one. Naturally, I had to fix my error and read both books. :DCat Thomas cracked me up in this book. She was sort of the typical dude in the relationship because she was all about thrills and no commitments. Her issue with commitment was the major theme throughout the book. However, Shane Decker was the star for me because he knew just how to handle her and he didn't take any of her crap. He was exactly what she needed. Honestly, I don't know how she ever kept him at a distance. I can't say I could do the same in her position; he's too yummy. Oh, and his mother added a ton of humor into the story. I loved her!The best part? The sex scenes were off-the-charts H O T!!! Bottom line: This is another winner from Brazen. If you haven't guessed by all my reviews, I am totally obsessed with it. Highly recommended this series for readers who love sexy adult romance!