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Private Practice - Samanthe Beck I’m a publicist with Entangled, but Samanthe Beck is not my client. I’m writing this disclaimer because her book is published by Entangled.I’ve been a pretty active book reviewer for years, but I wanted to make all the above clear before you read my review. Many might say my opinion is swayed because of my affiliation, but I’ll leave that up to you to judge.In my continued obsession with the Brazen line, I purchased Private Practice. I could've gotten it for free, but I didn't want to wait for it to be sent to me when it's so easy just to load it into my kindle. :DI loved Dr. Ellie Swan! She is a full-blown type A personality, and if you know someone like this, I promise you will laugh hysterically when you read this book. I've actually known a few people like her in my life. She is very book smart, but common sense and instincts are just not up to par. If I had to compare her to someone, I'd say she's a lot like a female Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. But, my favorite character in this story is Tyler Longfoot. Oh yeah, he's definitely added to my fictional boyfriend list. He's the retired bad boy who can't seem to shake his reputation. This effects him with Ellie, but also with his business.The story concept is really fun and it works because of Ellie's personality. It's sexy-as-all-hell, but also really funny. There are parts that are a bit on the serious side like Ellie's relationship with her father. Tyler and Ellie have some sad things in common which do bring them closer in the end.Bottom line: This is an sexy, fun read! I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys spicy adult contemporary. I will be back for book two for sure!