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Nauti Boy - Lora Leigh I was in Barnes & Noble a few days ago and I picked up this book because I was looking for an adult romance will military men. I didn't realize it was an erotica until I got into it. But, yeah, this is definitely an erotica. Rowdy Mackay has just come home for good from the Marines. He left because he was falling for 16-year-old Kelly Benton when he was in his early 20's. He knew his feelings were inappropriate, so he did the right thing by walking away. Also, the relationship is further complicated because his father married her mother making them related by marriage. The story begins when she's 24. While he was gone, Kelly was attacked and nearly raped. She's scared and has lost herself. Rowdy helps her to re-discover herself again slowly. A lot of people didn't like the book for this reason, but I thought it was sweet. She's loved him for most of her life, so it made sense that, if she were to trust any man, it would be him. The sexual relationship didn't happen right away. It was more about helping her remember who she was and feeling safe to be herself. Oh, and once she's comfortable, the sex scenes in this book are scorching! Even the ones that don't actually conclude with sex are pretty darn hot.There's two things about this book I didn't like. One, I thought the male dialogue was off. It was too formal in many parts, especially the interaction between the cousins. I've known quite a few military men in my life and that's not the way they talk. The second aspect I didn't like was the three men shared their women. I didn't mind the idea, but it never happened in the book. You can't intrigue me, and then not follow through. They had a little fooling around, but ultimately, decided to not do it anymore. Oh, come on. In my mind, you either do it, do it and regret it, or don't include it in the book at all. I honestly don't think the book needed it anyway. The relationship was hot enough with just Rowdy and Kelly. I'm probably going to read the next book in the series because I can't help being curious where the story goes from here.