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Prince of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence This review was written by Michael Cummings, senior reviewer with the Fantasy Book Addict.*Note from Reviewer* Due to the amount of violence, this book is not recommended for teens or younger.Prince of Thorns is the tale of a boy, scarred witness to the brutal murder of his mother and brother, who choses to turn his back on all things good in order to obtain vengence. This is a tale of revenge, as rich in its single mindedness as any classic by Dumas. Young Jorg forsakes every shred of his humanity to feed this desire, something initial reviewers were less than pleased with. Many lambasted this novel as dark and misogynistic, but I have to admit that I didn’t see any of that when I read it. Maybe my perspective was tempered by interviews with the author and other commentators, but when I read Prince of Thorns what I saw in Jorg was a dark, disturbed boy, a sociopath created rather than born.You can read his full review here: http://www.fantasybookaddict.com/2013/01/07/prince-of-thorns-lawrence/