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Fairy Bad Day - Amanda Ashby This review was written by Camille Morales, staff reviewer with the Fantasy Book Addict.Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby was a surprisingly good read, full of never-ending humor, relatable characters (at least most of the time!), and a decent plotline. First, I’ll start by saying that I don’t usually enjoy books told in third person as much as books told in first. I feel like I can connect more to the character when they’re talking in first person. However, this book was thoroughly enjoyable even though it was told in third person. It was not the best book I’ve ever read, not even the best book in third I’ve ever read, but it wasn’t a bad book. It was entertaining! I read it all in one sitting, mostly because it was a quick read, but also because it wasn’t boring at all.You can read the rest of the review here: http://www.fantasybookaddict.com/2012/11/25/fairy-bad-day-ashby/