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Inbetween - Tara A. Fuller I haven't read many reaper books, so when INBETWEEN was announced, I was all over it. I'm pleased to say my instincts were correct. I loved this story. In the beginning, you really feel for Emma. She's got all these crazy things happening to her and she has no idea why. Worse, everyone thinks she's insane, and she's even spent a stint in the psych ward. Lucky for her, she's got a best friend named Cash who supports her even when everyone else thinks she's nuts. But, the story really gets interesting when Finn pops into her life - literally. Soon, she figures out she's not crazy at all, which is a relief until she discovers there's a spirit trying to kill her. You can read the full review here: http://www.fantasybookaddict.com/2012/08/11/inbetween-fuller-review/