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Season Of Secrets - Sally Nicholls This book was reviewed by Amanda Harbin, staff reviewer with the Fantasy Book Addict.This story was a beautifully written story about a young girl and her older sister who experiences the unthinkable tragedy of losing her mother very suddenly. The author, Sally Nichols, does a wonderful job of putting the reader into the heart and mind of a pre-adolescent girl. The phases of the sister’s loss is navigated in conjunction with the changing seasons. What makes Molly’s story unique is that she comes to appreciate the circle of life through first hand experience with the mythical Oak King and his counter part the Holly King. I loved the way the story wove itself in and out of reality as Molly and her sister struggled to deal the reality of their mother’s death they also struggle to comprehend the existence of the Oak and Holly kings. This book is definitely geared toward younger YA audiences. The chapters are short, which facilitates a quick pace for the story. The biggest challenge that I see young readers face while reading this book is the many references to British culture. American YA audiences may have difficulty understanding some of the games, customs and objects. For example, I had to look up ‘conkers’ and the game that they were used to play. On the other hand it’s a great way to learn a little bit more about a new culture. Overall, a great read and highly recommended!