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Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin I picked this one up because the cover is just beautiful. The paper and page designs are equally awesome!Overall, I rated this a 4-4.25. Bethany Griffin created a dark and dangerous world that I really enjoyed. Her dystopian world images are vivid, making it easy for me to imagine it all in my mind. Araby Worth is an interesting lead character. She's very troubled with a drug habit, and an attempted suicide. She's haunted by a death that she feels responsible for. Other than those issues, she's very likeable and easy to root for. Araby has two possible love interests. Both are very different, and have twists that I wasn't expecting. Sometimes, I get annoyed with YA love triangles, but I thought this one is well done. Both characters are necessary for the story.The reason I didn't score this a 5 is because I got lost a couple of times in the story. Maybe it's me - who knows? The story gets complicated, and I had to go back a few times for a "wait-a-minute" moment. But, don't turn away from this one because of this. I really liked this book, and will for sure be reading the next one!