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Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins Rachel Hawkins did a fantastic job of bringing all the loose ends together in the end. I can honestly say that I left feeling fulfilled. The death at the end made me sad, but even that had a sort of happy ending.The Hex Hall series will easily go down as one of my YA favorites of all time. The biggest reason is because I fell so hard for Sophie. She's a strong female lead with the perfect dose of snark. I was always cheering for her.I was very excited to hear that Rachel is doing a spin-off series with some of the characters introduced in this book. I have a feeling it's Finley or at least I hope it is.If you haven't read this series then stop what you're doing right now and go read it. It's a great series for anyone within the YA range, yet I'm an adult, and I loved it too. Well, whatever, just go buy it. You won't be disappointed.