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Perception - Kim Harrington You know what I hate about Kim Harrington? Twice now, she's delivered a book that I couldn't put down. All my regular day/night stuff got put to the side because I had to find out who she chose. Thanks a lot Kim, I do have a life ya know! ;-pAll kidding aside, I really enjoyed Perception. I love being part of Clarity's world and having to choose between two hot guys. Oh, the horror! I'm also into her brother Perry, but that's probably because oogling over him means I'm not breaking the law. Kim managed to pull out another ending I wasn't expecting. The whole stalker plot made complete sense considering the first book. Of course Clary would be famous in her little town. Of course the popular kids would pay attention and some would get jealous. Kim is spot on in my opinion. Also, I love the addition of a girl friend for Clary. Boys are great, but there are always times that you need friends.All-in-all I love this series. I heard a rumor that it might soon be a TV show which I hope is true. That would be a show worth watching. I can't wait for the next one.