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Rae of Hope - W.J. May This review was completed by Amanda Harbin, staff reviewer with the YA Fantasy Guide.I enjoyed reading this book. The story has a bit of a Harry Potteresque feel about it, but still came across as original and unique. The characters in the story were fun and the relationships were believable. The relationship between Molly and Rae was one my favorites. It unfolded nicely and there was a good dynamic between their characters. My chief complaint about the characters was that there were a few too many and it got a bit confusing to keep track of both the characters and their tatus. I liked that the author did not over complexify the existence of tatus. The simple explanation that they have pretty much always existed is sufficient and cohesive with the story. There were places where I thought that the author told me more than showed me the story, but overall I think that WJ May did a good job.