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Enclave - Ann Aguirre This review was completed by Camille Morales, staff reviewer with the YA Fantasy Guide.This book is set in a society in which, if you survive up to a certain age, you get a name and a profession: you’re either a Breeder (which basically means you get paid to reproduce and raise your children), a Builder (you build things for the town people, including weapons and soap and clothes…), or a Hunter/Huntress (you fight the Freaks, aka the monsters, and protect the enclave, which is kind of like the town). In this book, a girl named Deuce chooses to be a Huntress. She’s paired up with a guy named Fade, and they get into some trouble and go through some things, and they learn more about each other and about the society they live in. First of all, I really liked this book. The plot was refreshing, and I’ve read a lot of dystopian books, especially the ones that have come out this year. While they’re all very good, and I love the genre, some of them aren’t very…original. I’m extremely delighted to say that this isn’t the case with Enclave. I loved the society and the way it was built. The characters were extremely well thought out. I loved how the main character can be a badass, yet she has feelings and she shows them. She has flaws and she is good at many things, and she seemed so REAL. Deuce was definitely one of the most awesome characters in dystopian novels I’ve ever read of. And then there’s Fade. He’s amazing. He went through so much, and he still does go through so much, but people don’t even see it. He is a great character. I also loved the character of Stalker (and I do find his name quite hilarious), and Tegan. Characters I didn’t like were Pearl, and the people in the government, for obvious reasons. I also don’t know whether to like Stone or not. I mean, he was great at the beginning, but then he acted one way because of something and I wanted to slap him. I really liked Thimble. She was cool and innocent and she reminds me of someone I know. Anyway, the characters were really, really good. Not all likeable, but that’s the point. The writing was good. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting to like this book as much as I did. It was refreshing, though, because there wasn’t romance, not really. Like, three kisses in the entire book, and they weren’t intense. I don’t usually go for this kind of book, where there is no romance, but I found myself really liking it. I’m glad I got the chance to read this book, and I’m looking forward to reading the sequel, Outcast, out this fall. I recommend this book to everyone, even romance lovers, because it does have a bit of…feelings…in it. Mostly it’s action and self-discovery, but I promise you, you won’t regret picking this book up. I give it a 4/5 stars. (: