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Chime - Franny Billingsley This review was completed by Camille Morales, staff reviewer with the YA Fantasy Guide.Chime is about a girl named Briony. This girl has a secret which has killed her stepmother, destroyed her sister Rose’s mind, and threatens all of the children in the Swampsea. She wants to say what her secret is so she can just get it over with, but she’ll be hanged if she utters a word, so she keeps quiet. She’s a witch, an Old One. A guy named Eldric arrives at her town, and he stays at her house, I believe. Their fathers are friends, and Briony and Eldric instantly become friends. He refuses to believe there is anything bad in her, despite her self-hatred and her constant “You need to stay away from me” warnings. Basically, she’s like the Lena and Patch of Chime. But only she hates herself a lot. I thought that the plot was pretty good, though it was more of a character story. It had a bit of plot in there, but not one that you could tell from the beginning or the middle. Briony tells you her story, and you know exactly what’s going to happen to her from the beginning of the book—or so you think. The characters were pretty well done, I suppose. I liked Briony, except when she complained about how much she hated herself, because OH MY GOD, WE GET IT, OKAY?! You hate yourself because you do bad stuff. She’s too depressing. She makes a suicidal kid look happy. It kind of annoyed me at times. Some other times, she let herself be happy for a second, and it was when I actually liked her. Eldric was a fun character. He was kind of different from Briony in the sense that he was more alive, more energized. He would make a suicidal kid sing about roses and butterflies. Yes, I’m using the “suicidal kid” thing here. Rose was also a fun character to see. She was pretty straightforward about everything, and very complicated. She was also probably my favorite character, especially in the end. The other characters were okay, except Leanne, because I HATED HER. But yes. The rest were okay. I have a few complaints about this book. One was that Briony sometimes talked about herself in third person, which kind of ticked me off, because it didn’t go well with the story. I felt that it would’ve been a better story had it been told in third person, because it kind of felt like it sometimes. Oh well. Also, Briony and Eldric seemed SO CHILDISH at times. He was NOT A BAD-BOY most times. He was SO CHILDISH. And he was 22 years old. Yeah, it was weird. One thing I will say about this book, however, was that the relationship development was perfect. They kissed only ONCE throughout the book, and what happened afterward was completely realistic and amazing, and I loved that aspect of it.Overall, I liked this book. I recommend it to all of you who don’t mind a book with crazy characters, not that much kissing, and a great ending, one that has an amazing twist. I didn’t see it coming. I give this book a 3/5 stars.