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Blood of the Demon - Rosalie Lario I really liked the story concept. I could see the background scenes very clearly like the apartment and her store. I also thought her power was cool. The sex scene were also very hot and the ending surprised me which is good.My issue with the book had to with the male characters. They were all demons from a demon world, but all were too soft. I thought making them gritty would add edge, but she never went there. Because of that, I thought the dialogue suffered. Sometimes, this book felt like a draft versus a published novel.This is a debut and I think the author has potential. I expect that she will work out the "kinks" as she progresses through the rest of the series. I will read the second one because it's about Taeg who happens to be my favorite male character. Plus, he's half fey so that means the next book should be quite sausy. :-)3.5 Stars for me.