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Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready This one really had me twisted because there are some things I really loved and others I wasn't crazy about. I loved the premise and the location. I'm from Maryland so it was fun to read a book with settings that I recognized. I thought the concept of the "shift" was really creative. The idea that everyone of a certain age could see ghosts and help them move on or be tortured by the ones who turned "shade". Also, the fact that the government would create a department to capture the shades seemed realistic. In terms of the characters, I thought that Aura was dead on as a teenager who didn't want to be bothered with the ghosts. The fact that they scared her as a child made it easy to understand why she hated her ability. Plus, being pressured to join the government agency is no fun either. I fell for Zachary almost as soon as he was introduced. Who wouldn't fall for a Scottish accent? Plus, his background and role in the novel is really cool. Honestly, I probably would've given this a higher rating if he was in more scenes.I wish Jeri Ready-Smith would've spent more time on the "shift". That was clearly the most interesting aspect of the book, but she glazed over it in areas where I would've liked to have learned more. My other issues had to do with the characters. For one, I thought there were too many. Because of that, most weren't that developed. They sort of played their role in the story, but didn't feel well-rounded. The one I liked the least was Logan which is a shame because he played a major part in the story. Logan was introduced as a selfish, heavy drinker and drug user then died quickly. I couldn't understand why Aura was so interested in him. I think the author should've spent more time showing his positives before she killed him off. The parents and guardians in the story also bothered me. Logan died of a drug and alcohol overdose yet none of the parents ever addressed the kids on the issue that seemed blatantly obvious to me.Overall, I think it's a good read for the older teen market. Some issues that might concern parents are the drug use, drinking, and masturbation. I'd say this is a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars