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Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins Sophie is the half breed daughter of a warlock and a human. She gets into some trouble after a prom spell-go-wrong and ends up at Hex Hall. Hecate (the formal school name) is a school for faeries, shape-shifters, and warlock/witches. The school also has one vampire which happens to be Sophie's roommate. It's not long before Sophie makes enemies with three powerful witches and pisses off one of her teachers which ends in a semester long detention of sorts. Lucky for her, she gets to spend that time with Archer, a hottie warlock with his own set of secrets. I don't want to give away anything else because the story is that good.So what's good about it? Everything. OMG, I love this book! First, I love Sophie because she is so funny and someone I'd actually like to be friends with. The rest of the cast is equally enjoyable. Lots of layers with twists and turns. The environment is very vivid. The book reminds me of a Harry Potter for high school girls. Everyone should read this book!