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The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3) - Cinda Williams Chima This review was completed by Michael Cummings, staff reviewer with the YA Fantasy Guide.The third volume of the Seven Realms series, it really felt like Chima finally has settled into the story of Han and Raisa. Han must finally face the moment we've all waited for - when he discovers his friend and love interest Rebecca is in fact the Princess Heir Raisa of the Queendom of the Fells. Overwhelmingly, though, this is Raisa's volume. Friction and violence increase as the people trying to keep Raisa out of the way increase their efforts. Will they succeed? Of course not. This is a fantasy series, and we all know the heroine and hero ultimately will prevail to win the day. Right? Maybe. Not everything will go to plan as Raisa returns home in this volume. The action and pace of the third volume are more consistent, giving the reader a solid return for their investment in the series. My biggest complaint, and perhaps this isn't fair since the principal character is a sixteen year old girl, is the complete inconsistency in her feelings towards the men in her life. Its difficult to tell who we should be rooting for as a love interest when Raisa herself changes gears every few pages, from mooning over Amon, to Nightwalker, to Micah and Han. If you've read the other two volumes of this series, then you deserve this volume. The first half of the book is fast paced (I read the first 300 pages in a day) and will keep you on your toes. The second half of the book slows down, right about the point we realize that we are being set up for the fourth book. Although I think this was the best volume of the series so far, I'm only going to give it four stars - my socks weren't blown off, just mildly uncurled at a few points. I would have liked more from Han, and found the one chapter from Amon's perspective both refreshing and unexpected since no other non Han/Raisa character ranked their own chapter.