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Possess - Gretchen McNeil I actually ran into Gretchen on twitter a few months ago and followed back to her website where I found her book trailer. Once I saw the trailer, I made a point that I needed to get added to the ARC list. I'm so glad I did because Possess did not disappoint. I would describe it as the perfect mix of YA paranormal and horror. From a 3rd person POV we meet fifteen-year-old Bridget Liu after the recent death of her father. She soon discovers that she has the ability to banish demons and that's when she becomes the kind of kick-butt protagonist that I love. The story takes you through all kinds of cool demon mythology and Gretchen makes sure that everything ties nicely in the end. I really liked that the story was set in San Francisco because I've never been there and now I want to go. I enjoyed the supporting cast as much as I enjoyed Bridget. Peter and Hector are her best friends and they make for some interesting and fun scenes. Matt is the love interest, but the romance is not the center of the story. I'd like to point out that it's not a instant fall in love which I prefer because it's a more realistic relationship. I really don't want to say anymore about the story because the book hasn't released yet. However, I would highly recommend this book for any YA fantasy fan. It's a safe read for anyone within the YA age range. I will be featuring an interview with Gretchen starting August 1st on my website: http://www.yafantasyguide.com