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The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross This review was completed by Camille Morales, staff reviewer for the YA Fantasy Guide.This book was…interesting. The plot was really, really good. It was a Steampunk book…but it had elements that made it way more likable than it would’ve been if those elements hadn’t been there. The main character, Finley, kicks butt. Literally. She’s strong, independent, and can take care of herself. She has two separate sides: her good side, and her bad side. Her good side is the one that is present almost all of the time. She’s nicer, and she’s not trying to kill people who get in her way. When her dark side (the bad one) takes over, she becomes a totally different person. She becomes extremely violent, and she’s just unrecognizable. When she attacks a person (again) she has to run away. While she’s running, she meets Griffin. Sweet, smart, awesome Griffin. He’s not like most guys in YA these days, and it was really good to see this side of a guy. Let’s just say Griffin rocks. Another guy she meets is Sam. Here’s the funny thing: at the beginning, I liked Sam more than I liked Griffin. When I got deeper into the book, I started liking Griffin better than Sam. Then, in the end, I liked them both a lot. Oh, and Jasper. He’s an American cowboy with a really good sense of humor. And then there’s Emily. She’s a freaking genius. She invents all kind of stuff. She’s very…impressive. She’s probably my favorite character, because Finley was a bit annoying a few times. But just a few. Emily is definitely my favorite character, because she’s passionate about what she does, and she would do anything for the people she loves. Jack Dandy was hilarious, but I suspected him most of the time. And I loved whenever they spoke about Queen Victoria. She made one true appearance, I think. It was kind of funny. The plot. What can I say about the plot? Well…it was good. I saw most of the twists coming, but it was still a really good plot. I did not see the ending coming. SERIOUSLY! There were some parts that reminded me of Clockwork Angel, but they were few. The idea was very original. The romance. Okay, what I liked about this book the most was probably the romance. Why? It isn’t love at first sight! It was very realistic, which I loved. Oh, but there is a romantic relationship (sort of) that I adored. So cute. So, overall, I give this book a 4/5 stars. The pace was kind of slow at the beginning, and there were some similarities to other books, and there were some things that make me give this book a 4/5 star rating. It was a really good book, though, and I definitely recommend anyone who loves Steampunk (and anyone who simply loves YA and wants to try something new) to check it out 