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Eona: The Last Dragoneye - Alison Goodman This review was written by Michael Cummings, staff reviewer for the YA Fantasy Guide."Eon", the first book of this series, did a fantastic job of givingthe reader glimpses of something deeper to the story, then taunting usby keeping it a foot out of reach. Does the sequel live up to the first volume? For the most part, yes. "Eona" is the counter to it's predecessor, aconstant torrent of action and motion that rapidly drives the readerto the conclusion, which is really a shame. So many authors these days seem to perpetuate a series long past the point it should have ended, dragging their readership along because, as readers, they've already invested so much into it. If anything, though, Alison Goodman doesn't draw the story out long enough. This sequel begins hot on the tail of the first book. Eona has just realized the truth of her dragon, but she is still untrained. Sethon has named himself emperor, and Eona's only hope at mastering herselfand her power lies in Ido, the Dragoneye responsible for all of the destruction. "Eona" dashes off from there, as Kygo struggles to secure the empire from his uncle, while Eona learns the secret of both her ancestor and the String of Pearls. Along the way, Eona learns what sheneeds to. Goodman does too good a job though - even as we narrow in on the final pages, you can't help but wish there was another volume or three to the story. I don't believe we ever got a satisfactory answer about the compass, and Goodman's world is certainly rich enough that you want to spend more time in it. If you enjoyed Eon, you'll enjoy this conclusion.