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Clarity - Kim Harrington Clarity is the debut novel from Kim Harrington. I was really impressed with this storyteller. Kim gives you very vivid picture of the town and all the characters. This was a true page turner. I read this one in two days, but probably could've read it in one. The mystery is what keeps the story going. I was surprised at the ending which is a good thing. I'm happy to know that this is a planned series. I will be reading the next one for sure!The book is written in first person point of view. Clare is an outsider in her small tourist town. Her family is known as a psychic family. Clare can touch objects and see where they've been. Her brother can see ghosts and her mother can read minds. The story centers around a murder and everyone is a suspect. Clare is brought in to help the police. She works closely with the detective's son, Gabriel. He's a great character and I was really rooting for him. We also have the ex-boyfriend who, by the end, I was also rooting for.This is a great read for anyone who likes young adult fantasy. It's also a safe read for younger readers. Highly recommended.