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Skin in the Game - Jackie Barbosa Yup, here I am reviewing another Entangled Brazen release. I swear, I've pretty much read them all. I should be on an auto-buy list.Angela Peterson was my favorite part of the book. Great, strong heroine which is good for a contemporary romance. Unfortunately, CR titles tend to feature meek females which I normally hate, so it was good to have Angela to cheer for. Cade Reynolds was also a good hero. He was well developed and sexy as hell. I'm a big football fan so I really enjoyed the sports angle. I don't get to read enough of those. The reason I'm giving it a four and not a five is because of how the characters are introduced. Why Cade is in town is completely unlikely if not impossible for a current football player. Now, if you don't know football you won't care, but I do. I have to believe what you're telling me is possible and I just don't.All-in-all I did enjoy this one and I will look for other Jackie Barbosa titles in the future. I just hope next time she does more research.