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Forgotten - Cat Patrick This review was written by Camille Morales, staff reviewer for the YA Fantasy Guide.Forgotten is about a girl named London Lane, whose memory erases every night at 4:33am, and the only thing she remembers in the morning are things from the future, which is how she can remember where she sits in classes, who her friend is, and what her locker combination is—things like that. One day, at the beginning of the story, she meets a boy named Luke, and they fall in love and stuff. The thing is, she doesn’t see him in her future, so she can’t remember him. She has to rely on her notes to remember he exists and she knows him. I really loved this book. At first, I thought it would be a book to make me think. Then, while I was reading it, I thought, “No, this isn’t making me think about anything but the premise.” I like books that make me think. But then, when I ended it, I started thinking about it. Well, not about it, but about how it would feel like to lose my memory over and over again every single day. I don’t know how London could get through it, really, because I would freak and write EVERYTHING down. I hate not remembering anything (it happens to me…a lot), so I can’t imagine not remembering my whole past. I thought of the people who say they want to forget something, but then I thought that they’ll want to take it back soon. Not remembering is like a part of you is missing, and that feels horrible. For me, at least.Okay, so I thought the plot was awesome. AND THAT TWIST?! No, I did not see it coming. AT ALL. Well, there were two, thinking back, and I liked them both. The characters were all really likeable. I liked London, Luke, their parents, Luke’s sisters, London’s best friend, and even PAGE. They were all good. Really. So, basically, I loved this book. I give it a 5/5 stars and recommend it to everyone. You should go read it.