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Children of the Lost Moon - Gabrielle Blue This review was completed by Camille Morales, staff reviewer with the YA Fantasy Guide.This book is about a girl named Savannah Henderson. She is a fencer, and she loves it. She can’t picture herself doing anything else. In one of the tournaments, a guy named Aaron, who owns a fencing studio, offers to teach her more advanced moves. Now, Savannah takes two fencing classes, all while struggling to get good grades—because, if she doesn’t, her parents won’t allow her to fence. She meets Aaron’s son, Luke, and they become attracted to each other. But then she finds out the people she now knows aren’t human—they’re something else. Yeah. That’s all I can say. This book was a good, enjoyable read. I didn’t LOVE it, but it wasn’t hard to read or anything. The only thing that I really didn’t like about this book was the cheesy romance. Okay, yeah, I understand that the guy was very unbelievably hot, but…he called Savannah ‘beloved’ and ‘my love.’ I have never, ever, ever heard teenagers speak like that, no matter how great their relationship is. Hell, my parents don’t speak like that. It honestly bothered me every time that happened. Also, their relationship just happened too fast. They didn’t even know each other! They only knew that they both liked fencing and that Savannah sucked at school. Awesome. They kissed in the first 50 pages (page 52, to be exact), and I just…I don’t know. Blah. And yes, they did say ‘I love you’ in the book, which also really bothered me, because it hadn’t been long at all! And they fought sometimes, but it was always about the same thing. It reminded me of the arguments Luce and Daniel from the FALLEN series had in Torment. But, the thing is…these two always got back together after, like, a day or two. They barely talked about it. But the plot was good. I liked it. I liked Taylor and her band. Savannah was likeable (but I preferred Taylor). Luke was a good character, unless you count the ‘my love’ and ‘beloved’ thing. Also, he was very overprotective, even when Savannah proved she could defend herself. And he sometimes stalked her. And she was okay with it. And I know it may seem like I’m saying all of the bad things, but the book had likable characters, like Pops. His story was sad and I loved him. And, well…Ruth, Aaron, Warren, Savannah, Taylor, Maria…all of them were great. Do I recommend this book? Sure. I liked it. But I’m not gonna say you have to read it because it is the best book I have ever read. It isn’t. But I enjoyed it, and it didn’t bore me. So, if you ever have the chance to read it, go ahead! It isn’t a bad book at all. It isn’t fantastic, either. It’s a good, enjoyable read. It has a good storyline, good characters, and a good setting—it’s set in Florida, and I love Florida. Also, I feel like I need to say this: I noticed a couple of mistakes in the book. They were minor, but they were there. This doesn’t affect my review at all, but I just thought I should point that out. I give this book a 3/5 stars.