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Glimmerglass - Jenna Black This book was really a treat. I'm a big fan of faerie books (actually a bit of a junkie). This book was really a unique take on faerie mythology. In this one, Avalon and Faerie exist, but mortals are aware of it and can actually go to Avalon. Avalon becomes this little vacation town for mortals complete with Starbucks, Gap, and Victoria Secrets. I got a little chuckle when a person walked by wearing an I love Avalon t-shirt. Jenna Black provides a wide list of interesting characters both flawed and likeable. Dana Hathaway is very relatable. It was very easy to cheer for her and she wasn't depressing even though she had a lot to deal with. Ethan is an interesting love interest because you're constantly wondering about his motives. Also, he's a gorgeous fae and the romantic scenes are HOT, HOT, HOT! Because of that, I found myself rooting for him even after I found out he did something wicked. Ethan's sister, Dana's Aunt, and Dana's Dad are equally interesting. The faerie politics provide lots of twists and turns leaving the reader questioning pretty much everything. The back-story is given to the reader in small pieces so I never felt overwhelmed. This is really a fantastic read and I will definitely be reading the two follow-up novels.