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Beastly - Alex Flinn Review Completed by YA Fantasy Guide Staff Reviewer, BrittanyI loved this book so much I read it in a day! I love the modern twist Alex Flinn put on Beauty and the Beast. I really enjoyed how the love story developed in this book between Kyle and Lindy. It went from Kyle being the popular guy that everyone likes to this guy that scared everyone. Kyles dad put him in a house, away from everything, so that no one could see him. Then one night a guy, (lindys dad) broke in to Kyle's yard, and smashed the roses which Kyle cares deeply for. Kyle threatened Lindys dad with calling the cops but the dad offered his daughter, at first Kyle didn't want to accept because, he thought it was creepy. but then, Kyle thought of who else Lindys dad would offer his daughter to so Kyle finally accepted and let the guy go. At first Lindy hated Kyle, but grew to like him then eventually love him. Lindy saw through the beast on the outside, and looked at him for who he was, not the arrogant jerk he used to be. They fell in love by just hanging around each other reading poetry. I loved the ending. It has to be my favorite part of the whole book. Also, the ending made the love story perfect. It also tied up loose ends in who some of the characters were. At the beginning of the book, Lindy's dad got in to Kyle's yard, and messed with his rose garden, and Kyle got angry and threatened him. But lindys dad offers, Lindy, to Kyle so that he doesn't go to jail. This was a little creepy for me to read because, I can't think of any reason, that anybody should give up their child so that they don't go to jail, that was majorly creepy on his part. What if Kyle was a psychopath and killed Lindy, what would he have done then? Just been ok with it? and gone on with his life? just so that he won't have to go to jail? That, seems like a pretty scummy thing to do as a dad. But, at least Lindy gets a better life with Kyle. It's away from all the drugs, and the scummy people, and her dads non sense. This was one of the best love stories I've read so far. Kyle googles names that mean failure, and being an out cast, and finds the name Adrian. Then he asks magda, (the maid) and will, (the tutor) to call him Adrian. This was all before Lindy got there. So lindy, had no idea that Adrain, was Kyle Kingsbury, from her school. This book really made the beauty and the beast story better! I think Beastly makes that story more interesting, and fun to read because of the modern twist. The cutest thing i think, Kyle did for Lindy was, when he made her the rose garden on the roof of the house. Magda told Kyle, to stop trying to buy her with expensive things, and just listen to what she actually wants. So Kyle remembered, that at the dance Lindys face lite up when Kyle, gave her that rose. That made me melt inside when i read that whole part where Kyle made Lindy the rose garden, because i don't know of any guy, who would go through that much effort, to show a girl that he cares! This whole part in the book showed me the softer side of kyle, which i enjoyed because it shows that he's not a complete beast he's actually kind and caring and loving. All of these characters were relatable, believable and very lovable and I'm going to read this story a million times because I loved it so much! I can't wait to read the other books in this series.